Too Much Of Heaven

Boldly going forward 'cause we can't find reverse

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So I spent most of last night/this morning having weird dreams. Possibly the weirdest dreams. Numbered for your convenience:

1. The night started out AWESOMESAUCE with a couple minutes' worth of the Life on Mars cast in the 1880s solving the Jack the Ripper murders. Then there was a half-remembered sequence with a plane and it turned into me at school, trying to write a paper I'd just realized was due in three hours. It was supposed to be about "bad movies" and the prompt gave the Michael Bay Transformers series as an example, but I accidentally wrote about why the '80s Transformers movie was awesome instead.

2-6. I kept waking up and going back to sleep, and every time I'd end up back in the dream and have to keep writing the Transformers paper. I really thought I had something due, too, even though I kept reassuring myself that it's summer and I genuinely don't.

7. I'm back at my old middle school and people keep talking about something to do with an apple. After an attempt to hide in the bathroom for reasons unknown, I enlist the help of Freakazoid to look it up on somebody's laptop, but he discovers some kind of shock site that I don't get to see. His child-like mind can't handle it so he shows it to Disney!Peter Pan's Mr Smee, whose eyes become gigantic when he looks at the video. It gets saved to the computer anyway and I take it home to ask my roommate about it. She turns out to be Daisy from Spaced and she offers to act it out with me, and I discover that it's some kind of bizarre quasi-sexual thing where one lady wields a kitchen knife and uses the other girl as a cutting board for an apple. I freak out and run away to discover that we live in a Sims 3 shack surrounded by a floating pool.

8. There's a mysterious woman after me and I have to hide out at the mall with Revered Peter Galloway from The Raven's Knot and his imaginary wife. After much running around we go down a neon corridor into a theater, where they and my other protectors become hypnotized by the play; it turns out to be a production of Oliver! where everyone wears diving suits and one character is a giant, sentient mass of plankton. The evil woman spots me and I manage to drag Mrs Galloway away, but we're pursued and have to turn into tiny cartoon birds and perch on a wire in the theater. Suddenly, we realize that we don't blend in with all the other patrons, so we summon up the Sims 3 color-change tool and make ourselves a bright pink floral print. But it's too late, and we have to fly away from the theater/mall altogether and turn back into humans in a bush outside a firehouse. Just as we think we're safe, a procession comes down the street. We realize that a nonexistant filk song (about Snow White becoming a middle-aged queen regnant who's beheaded by her subjects) is coming true, and I wake up as we're running to the firehouse to alert the filk writer who lives there.



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